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I keep bees now! Pics:

Bridge Construction

We had a bridge going over a small stream in the back yard.  HAD.  Two years ago: Following some rain and flooding, it washed about 70 feet downstream and lodged against the fence: Because it was heavy (it's about 16x8, made of treated wood, with some steel and 12x12 timbers on the underside -- i have no idea how it floated), nothing i had could drag it back, certainly no without destroying it. I paid my kids to disassemble it - they spent probably 12 hours each with crowbars and a sledge hammer.  They stacked the wood and put the steel in the barn.  Awesome. I used some of that wood to build forms for a new concrete footer on each side -- there were some concrete blocks it had been resting on, but this time wanted more. As usual the hardest part is measuring and leveling stuff.  At least the stream was low, but schlepping stuff back and forth is hard. I got a harbor freight cement mixer, since i was going to be doing probably 1500lbs of concrete and mixi