pi prj 1 - update 1

Spent another hour(ish) last night:

Refining the old:

  • screwed the motor to the 2x4 and put a belt on it and an idler pulley.
  • connected the ends of the timing belt with masking tape and wrapped it with some stiff wire -- just like the pros.

Something new: 

  • Added a bump switch to the pi setup (which apparently requires a couple resistors too)
  • Added some code to read the switch and reverse the belt.
  • Put the code (99% of which is taken from the internet) on github.

The idea is that eventually the bump switch will be activated by whatever carriage i have mounted on the belt, so the system will know the limit of the belt's range.  I'd need one on each side.
Premium 2x4, professionally connected belt, and bump switch (middle-ish, on alligator clips) with some additional wiring (2 resistors and 2 jumpers) on the breadboard


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